Vehicle Disinfection in Byron Bay


Private & Public Vehicles

At Tom’s Local Cleaning, we provide a powerful disinfection service for vehicles such as cars and buses. Protect yourself and your passengers with a disinfecting service that effectively eliminates viruses, germs and fungi, whilst providing an additional layer of protection.
Disinfected Vehicle — Home & Commercial Cleaning In Northern Rivers, NSW
Disinfecting Car — Home & Commercial Cleaning In Northern Rivers, NSW

Based in Byron Bay

Our team services clients throughout the Northern Rivers. Whether your vehicle is for personal or public use, our powerful, laboratory-tested disinfecting solution is for you. We use ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging machines that emit fine particles that specifically target germs and viruses, effectively killing them in just a matter of minutes. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, the products we don’t affect your vehicle’s internal mechanisms, nor do they soak into car seats. With minimal downtime, our disinfecting service is ideal for buses, taxis and other public transport vehicles that need to get back on the road quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I contract COVID-19 by touching surfaces?


A person may contract COVID-19 if they touch their eyes, mouth or nose after touching a contaminated surface.

How often should buses be disinfected?


High-touch surfaces such as the steering wheel, handles, seat, gearshift and seatbelt should be disinfected daily. To lessen the risk of contamination in shared or public vehicles, it is also recommended to disinfect when switching drivers and passengers. We suggest a thorough cleaning and disinfecting every 45 days.

What products should I avoid when disinfecting my car’s interior?


Steer clear of bleach or hydrogen peroxide. While these chemicals are effective in killing germs and viruses, they may also cause some irreversible damage to the vinyl and plastic parts of your car’s interior.

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